NHS England 10 Year Cancer Plan Consultation - Members views required

The Government has put out a consultation looking at a new 10 year plan for cancer care. It states: 

This call for evidence will inform the development of the government’s 10-Year Cancer Plan for England. Rather than a formal consultation on specific proposals, it constitutes a request for ideas and evidence on which we can build.

ACPOPC are working with the CSP to put a joint response in, potentially with other appropriate collaborators as well to increase its strength. It's a great opportunity to influence the future direction of cancer care. The focus of the plan at present appears to be on improving diagnosis, care pathways and individualised care.

It would be really helpful for us to have some examples of services that particularly meet these criteria. We would be especially keen to have examples from prehabilitation services as we feel these would really highlight the contribution we can make to diagnosis/care pathways.

Please email chair.acpopc@gmail.com if there is anything you would be able to share. 

The link to the consultation is below


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