UK Cancer Workforce Survey

Health Education England is working in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support, UK Oncology Nursing Society and the Royal College of Nursing on the Aspiring Cancer Career and Education Development (ACCEnD) programme to help meet current and future cancer workforce challenges.

The overall purpose of the ACCEnD programme is to provide guidance and direction on the knowledge, skills and capabilities required by all nurses and allied health professionals who care for people affected by cancer in generalist and specialist cancer services and roles as part of multi-professional teams across the four UK nations. The ACCEnD programme will seek to address and provide solutions to key issues that challenge the cancer workforce both now and into the future.

 Using a national collaborative approach, ACCEnD aims are to:

  1. Attract Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals into a career in cancer care to secure the future specialist workforce
  2. Develop and promote a nationally agreed, multi-level education framework and career pathway for those nursing and allied health professionals aspiring to work at all levels in specialist cancer roles/services. This framework will guide the knowledge, skills and competence needed to fulfil roles at each level of practice.
  3. Use the agreed career pathway and education framework to ensure the future and existing workforce delivering general and specialist cancer care have access to relevant pre and post-registration education, learning and development opportunities which enable practitioners to achieve the underpinning knowledge, skills and competencies required for their role/service, wellbeing and career aspirations, and enable employers to deliver high quality services to people affected by cancer, support workforce transformation and the health and wellbeing of staff
  4. Enable all nursing and allied health professionals to evidence their knowledge, skills and capabilities in a national digital portfolio
  5. Promote the agreed career pathway and education framework and the range of pre and post-registration education, workplace-based and e-learning development opportunities through the creation of national e-lfh cancer hub.

We are at a point where we need to gather baseline data about the cancer care workforce in the UK; hence this survey for nurses and AHPs.

The survey includes 29 questions in four sections asking about:

•            You

•            Your role

•            Your place of work

•            Cancer care education, training and development opportunities available to you.

 It will take less than 30 minutes to complete the survey.

 We are aware completing the survey requires you to give up your precious time, however we will use this data to inform the ACCEnD Programme and to evidence the need for specialist cancer care education, training and development provision in the UK.

To complete and submit the online survey, please click to access the survey.

 Submission deadline: 5 p.m. Thursday 17th March.

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