The Long Term Plan and Oncology & Palliative Care

ACPOPC and the CSP have produced a briefing about the commitments in the NHS Long Term Plan for oncology & palliative care

The key messages are listed below:

  • Rehabilitation should be available from diagnosis – in the form of prehabilitation – continuing throughout treatment and beyond, including rehabilitation for those with palliative care needs
  • Health systems (e.g. STPs/ICSs) need to consider how best to integrate acute and community services across cancer and palliative care rehabilitation. This will improve patient flow, reduce barriers to treatment and facilitate effective, safe discharge from services
  • The oncology physiotherapist’s role includes the assessment of individual’s complex needs and provision of specialist treatment to address these needs. They may also refer to community rehab teams, exercise professionals and voluntary sector groups
  • Health systems should ensure that everyone with cancer or palliative care needs has timely and uncomplicated access to appropriately qualified physiotherapists to meet their needs, no matter where in their cancer or palliative journey they are. This should include people whose needs arise some time following completion of their cancer treatment
  • Community rehab teams need to have open access to cancer rehab teams to ensure hand over-systems are effective, for specialist advice and training, and if necessary for referrals back in when complex rehabilitation needs emerge – including for physiotherapy interventions for pain, breathlessness and loss of mobility and function.

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