Survey to explore colorectal cancer healthcare professionals’ experiences and opinions of lifestyle promotion

This study is being undertaken as part of a PhD research project by Amy Din, and supervised by Dr Chloe Grimmett and Professor Claire Foster, at the School of Health Sciences, University of Southampton

This survey is part of one study in a research project, which aims to develop an education/training intervention for colorectal cancer healthcare professionals to help them promote lifestyle change to their patients. The intervention will be colorectal cancer-specific. It is  hoped that the results of this survey will help to understand whether an intervention should be developed, and what that intervention may need to include or focus on. To further understand this, the team have collaborated with Professor Annie Anderson and colleagues, at the University of Dundee, who previously distributed this survey in 2012. The survey has been slightly adapted and some additional questions and response items have been added. It is hoped to compare the responses from this current version of the survey with the responses from the 2012 survey. This will help improve understanding of whether there have been any differences, and if so, what these are. 

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Address: Building 67, School of Health Sciences, University of Southampton, University Road, Highfield, Southampton, SO17 1BJ


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