Research study - Communication methods used to aid patients with lower levels of health literacy

Jessica Turton is a Physiotherapy Masters student currently researching the communication methods used by physiotherapists within oncology and palliative care to help patients with a lower level of health literacy understand and use health information.

Health literacy refers to the skills necessary for an individual to process, understand and use health information to make appropriate health decisions.

Research has found that individuals with low health literacy had higher rates of morbidity and mortality, and were less likely to use disease prevention services and successfully manage chronic disease. It is therefore essential that oncology and palliative care physiotherapists possess adequate awareness, knowledge and skills of health literacy to facilitate the patients’ understanding and use health information to encourage more effective self-management of their condition. 

Jessica would like to find out what communication methods are currently being used by oncology and palliative care physiotherapists to aid with the patient’s understanding and use of health information.

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