Macmillan Allied Health Professional Workforce Survey

Macmillan have just published the Allied Health Professional workforce report

Macmillan commissioned an Allied Health Professional (AHP) workforce survey to better understand the role of AHPs in supporting people living with cancer.

The survey is the first UK-wide AHP workforce survey, focused on the four allied health professions: dietitians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and speech and language therapists.

The Allied Health Professional workforce report and its findings can be used alongside existing evidence to improve workforce planning.

This new report includes information about:

  • the age, location and pay grades of respondents
  • the types of organisations where AHPs are employed
  • the settings in which AHPs see patients
  • how AHPs support people living with cancer and the interventions they provided
  • learning and development from the allied health professions we surveyed
  • perceptions of AHPs’ workload.

The full report can be accessed via the link

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