REMINDER - Macmillan Cancer Rehabilitation Pathways (Phase 2) - help required from ACPOPC members

The recently published Cancer Rehabilitation Pathways (Phase 1) is a refreshed version of work done by the National Cancer Action Team in 2013

In 2013 the National Cancer Action Team worked to establish the evidence base for cancer rehabilitation and the subsequent interventions which take place at each stage. This pathway is the culmination of that work and are provided as a guide to the types of rehabilitation interventions which patients may need at different stages.

Following feedback from AHPs across the UK there were many requests that the cancer rehabilitation pathways be available and accessible to all working with those affected by cancer. Macmillan have responded to this feedback and  phase 1 of the cancer rehabilitation pathways has been refreshed (from the original NCAT work described above) with the prime aim of ensuring the pathways are accessible and navigable to healthcare professionals. 

Phase 1 Cancer Rehabilitation Pathways can be accessed via the link below

Phase 2 of the work has now commenced and will aim to: 

  • identify updates required and any gaps in the information included in the pathways
  • add the contribution of AHPs not included in the initial work
  • identify any new evidence available since 2013 that needs to be incorporated
  • ensure that the pathways are contemporary and link to current national policy

Macmillan would really like the help of ACPOPC members with phase 2 and would welcome any edits/changes required to the pathways

In order to provide a co-ordinated response from ACPOPC please could you send any feedback to Catherine Neck via email - by Monday 17th September

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