Survey on Physiotherapy UK content

The CSP are seeking member views about the content of the annual Physiotherapy UK conference


ACPOPC Committee members manned a stand at the CSP conference in Birmingham on the 10th & 11th November. There was interest from a range of different people, including student physiotherapists, oncology physiotherapists and those working in more generalist settings. Lots of people took leaflets, particularly the Physiotherapy Works publications about Lymphoedema and Cancer Survivorship and the document “So your Patient has Cancer” which is aimed at those working in non-cancer specific roles. The interest from students was particularly encouraging, they were really keen to know more about oncology and palliative care and what they needed to know to treat people across different settings.

Overall, there was very limited oncology and palliative care content in the programme, with a strong leaning towards MSK topics. There is currently a survey open with the CSP for feedback about conference, both for those who did attend and those who didn’t. We would really encourage you to complete this to try and ensure a broader range of content at next year’s event.

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