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Evaluating the experiences of cancer wellness practitioners - help needed from ACPOPC members to design final research questionnaire

Mhairi Morris is a Biochemistry Lecturer at Loughborough University, and is a cancer researcher interested in the role of physical activity in preventing cancer growth and spread. She is interested in conducting research into the experiences of a range of healthcare practitioners who work with cancer patients, their families, and even the general public (e.g. raising awareness). She is particularly interested in the non-clinical aspects of this, i.e. the experiences of social workers, psychotherapists, nutritionists and dieticians, health and wellbeing practitioners and providers of integrative medicine and alternative therapies.

She would like help from ACPOPC members to hone down the research questions by taking a few minutes to respond to a survey by clicking on the following link, please? The survey comprises 10 questions and should only take around 10 minutes to complete.

Mhairi's contact details are as follows if you have any queries:

Dr Mhairi Morris, SFHEA

Lecturer in Biochemistry

School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

John Beckwith, JB006

Loughborough University

LE11 3TU

(+44) 1509 226345

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