Cicely Saunders Institute Seminar & Lecture Series

Thursday 17th March 2016
16.00 to 17.00

A mixed-methods research process to develop a complex intervention for weight loss and anorexia in advanced cancer: the Family Approach to Weight and Eating (FAWE)

Prof Jane Hopkinson, Professor of Nursing, Cardiff University

This presentation is about the development and preliminary evaluation of a complex intervention for families affected by weight loss and eating problems (symptoms of cachexia) in people with advanced cancer. It will examine challenges arising in the successful development and preliminary testing of the Family Approach to Weight and Eating (FAWE).

A complex intervention is a multi-component activity that has the purpose of improving clinical and patient experience outcomes. The Medical Research Council has published guidelines for the development of robust complex interventions that can be tested for effectiveness. The FAWE study is one of the few reported examples of how to operationalise the early phases of these guidelines.

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