Oncology and Palliative Care Research

There has been an exciting increase in the volume of research into physiotherapeutic interventions in oncology and palliative care in recent years. On this page you will find links to our research directory, the Journal of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Oncology and Palliative Care and some links to some resources you may find useful

Research Directory

The Research Directory is produced annually and contains a selection of references to articles which you may find interesting. Each reference contains a link, either to the abstract or to the free full text. You may find it interesting to pick one of the articles for a journal club, either with other therapists at your place of work or your ACPOPC regional network. We would recommend that you read these articles critically and consider their application to your practice. These articles have not been critically reviewed by the ACPOPC Committee. 

Links to previous ACPOPC Research Directories can be found below:

Research Directory 2015

Research Directory 2016

Research Directory 2017

ACPOPC Journal

The ACPOPC Journal is produced annually and contains original articles from members, alongside summaries of articles published in other journals. It is designed to enable the sharing of good practice, highlighting innovative care, evidence based practice and increasing research knowledge and awareness to physiotherapists working in the field of oncology and palliative care. Within our membership we have a huge range of expertise, knowledge, specialties and experience and we are really keen that this knowledge base is shared.  We hope to receive submissions for the journal from across all our membership, including experienced writers as well as those of you who have never published before.

Guidelines for how to write for the journal can be found here

Previous versions of the ACPOPC Journals can be found via the links below:

ACPOPC Journal Volume 1

ACPOPC Journal Volume 2

Useful Links

Twitter - On the ACPOPC twitter feed you will find regular links to new research articles published. Links to research funding opportunities and courses can also be found there. You can find our twitter feed at https://twitter.com/ACPOPC . This can be accessed even if you don’t have your own twitter account.

Facebook - There is a useful group called “Palliative Rehabilitation” on Facebook. This has members from all over the world and often has useful, evidence based discussions. The group can be found here

Hospice UK Hospice UK have a small research grants programme which supports hospices to engage with, generate and lead the development of hospice and palliative care research. More information can be found here

Macmillan Macmillan provide support and funding for those who have a research interest that matches their current strategy. More information can be found here

Palliative Care Research Society - The PCRS is dedicated to promoting research into all aspects of palliative care and to facilitating its dissemination. More information can be found here

NIHR CRN - The NIHR Clinical Research Network is made up of 15 Local Clinical Research Networks that cover the length and breadth of England. These local networks coordinate and support the delivery of research across the NHS in England. To gain support with developing research, find your local network here.